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  Celebrating 50 Years!

Welcome to Greenwood Mulch!

Everything you grow will love Greenwood Mulch! For evergreens, perennials, shade and flowering trees, shrubs, and vegetables, this natural, clean oak bark mulch encourages them all to grow "strong as an oak" under forest floor conditions.

Greenwood Mulch is nature's own product, produced from aged oak bark.

It is easy to handle and pleasing to the eye. Just the right texture too...coarse enough so it will not blow away, yet fine enough so it will not tangle in your rake. Spread it two to three inches deep over the whole root-spread area and see the difference it makes.

Why use Greenwood Mulch?

To hold the moisture in the ground
To help control the weeds
To give a neat appearance to your garden
To condition the soil year round
To protect your plants

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