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  • Bark Mulch

Why use bark mulch? Here are some really convincing reasons:

First off, let's start with the fact that oak bark mulch is just that; bark straight from the sawmills! It is never processed, chemically dyed, or altered in any way, which makes it the only all natural, organic mulch you can buy. You know it's got to be good stuff when we've been selling it the same way for 50 years!

Also, bark mulch sticks to banks unlike its dyed wood competitor which tends to float away. (Remember, they make boats out of wood!)

Last, but not least, organic bark mulch decomposes into the nicest, richest soil you could ever ask for. Dyed wood can stunt the growth of annuals and unestablished perennials and shrubs. Bark not only retains moisture better, but it actually helps with the pH of your existing soil, therefore fertilizing everything naturally.

So save a tree and stop buying the dyed wood! You never know where that wood comes from. Often it is produced from ground-up pallets, condemned houses, or trees that are ground completely down for no other reason than to be dyed and sold as mulch!

Dump Truck

We sell our mulch by the tractor trailer load, or you can have it delivered in our dump truck which hauls anywhere from 4 to 14 yards. Still too much? Feel free to come get it in your pick-up truck!

  • Mushroom Soil

We also sell mushroom soil which is great for anything from flower beds to gardens! Mushroom soil is the best organic fertilizer/soil additive for all your gardening needs! Add it to your vegetable garden and you will be amazed at the results! It is also great for new and existing flower beds. Who needs Miracle-Gro when you can use natures own fertilizer? Starting a new lawn? An inch or two of mushroom soil will get it growing quickly! This product is also available by tractor trailer load (at certain times of the year), dump truck, or pick-up load.


Organic Black Mulch

Greenwood Mulch is taking their original all bark mulch and coloring it with charcoal to give you the black color you want but doing it naturally! Adding charcoal to soil is a natural fertilizing practice farmers have been using for centuries. It has many direct benefits that include increasing soil fertility, water holding capacity, and improved nutrient retention. Not only does all bark mulch compost into really nice rich soil, but now we're adding an all natural fertilizer! So go Greenwood, go organic, and give back to the earth!


Dyed Black Mulch (Brand New!)

In order to cater to all our customers and keep them buying the BEST mulch, we are now dying our all bark black.







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